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Instrumentation couplings

PCE offers a full range of precision instrumentation quick couplings for use across various industries.

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Process Control Equipment offers a full range of precision instrumentation quick couplings for use across various industries.

Redundant o-ring seals in couplers provide quick leak tight sealing in vacuum or pressurized systems. Nitrile standard in brass, Viton® standard in 316 stainless steel.

Poppet valve equipped: dependable poppet valves with integral o-ring seals are standard in coupler and plug-in double shutoff applications. In single end shutoff applications the poppet valve will be installed in the coupler half.

Positive valve stops and guides: built-in positive valve stops prevent flow checking in the coupling. Valve guides align valves exactly to the coupler’s valve seat preventing chance of leakage when in a disconnected mode.

Locking mechanisms in couplers: smooth positive sleeve engagement and firm grip of the plug portion of the coupling assembly is assured with HOKE’s Teflon®-bonded stainless locking “dogs”.

316 stainless steel springs; all coupler and valving springs are constructed from 316 material.

Gyrolok® nut and ferrule assembly provides leak-tight connection and tubing system.

Keyed sleeves for all sizes.

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PCE stocks an extensive range of ball valves, available in various sizes, materials, and ratings.

Completed in our Riddererk warehouse. 3-way stainless steel ball valves c/w pneumatic spring return actuator, switchbox, and solenoid.

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